Sph!ncter: For The Male Anus Connoisseur

NSFW - 18+ only - If you’re under 18- or easily offended by graphic images of naked men please leave.

Otherwise...Welcome to Sph!ncter, a blog for those (who like me) love looking at and admiring images of the Male Anus. ~O~

Disclaimer: Some of the images on Sph!ncter are submitted by followers of this blog, But most are via the internet. If you own any of the images seen here or have copyrights, let me know and they will be removed.

About Me: I’m a Fetish Photographer based in San Diego working on a male anus fetish project.

Search: I’m looking for male models that are not shy about having their sphincter’s and other erogenous zones photographed and captured on video.

Goal: My goal is to create a collection of images hopefully different enough and interesting enough to publish or exhibit and have fun meeting people along the way.

Update: Started shooting and been having a blast. So many great models in San Diego!!!

So this is a call to all the models, connoisseurs, model connoisseurs following this blog (amateur or otherwise) to get in touch with me! If you’re in San Diego and interested in modeling for this project reach me via email.

Keep checking back, I’ll post more about the project as things progress...and maybe even some photos! ;-)



Hangover horn.

I love your video and your tasty bum, and most of all I love your beautiful, soft sticky hole!   thank you for sharing ~O~ Sph!ncter

da da da da da da..   ~s~ Sph!ncter

Please help us spread Love today  ~O~Sph!ncter

The best things in life are free.  ~O~Sph!ncter

Have you had yours today?  ~O~Sph!ncter

a teasing glance..  ~O~Sph!ncter

Advanced breathing technique or Sphincter mating call?  You decide…


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Bored ..